BERWICK, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Berwick and Nescopeck are trying to recover after two tragic events in less than two weeks.

A deadly fire killed 10 people. During a fundraiser for the fire victims, a man drove his car through a crowd of people.

Counseling services are available to anyone in those communities who need them. Counselors were at Berwick High School on Wednesday. They say that these tragedies can impact people in different ways.

Of course, family and friends feel it the most, but also others who are watching from afar may be impacted. Counselors want the area residents to know that help is available.

“I think the biggest thing for people to know is it may not be affecting you at this moment, but you may feel the aftermath down the road. And that’s when it’s important for you to be reaching out to people,” says Jennifer Jones of the Colombia Montour Snyder Union County Behavioral Health.

That’s why social workers and counselors from the CMSU County Behavioral Health held a special session today at Berwick High School to talk about mental health services that are available in the area.

“The biggest thing we want people to be aware of CMSU local county agencies if your not from Columbia, Montour, Snyder, Union area there are resources. So if you’re looking for some help or guidance reach out to the county and ask them if there is anything that can be provided,” says Jones.

Counseling resources are being highlighted in the aftermath of the August 5th fire in Nescopeck that killed 10 people including three children, and last Saturday in Berwick, one woman was killed and 17 other people were injured when a man drove his car through a crowd of people attending a fundraiser for the Nescopeck fire victims. That man then allegedly drove to Nescopeck and murdered his mother.

Counselors met Wednesday with family and friends of the victims in both tragedies and anyone from the communities who may need help.

“We are there for them. That there is a lot of support out there in the community. We want them to reach out and we will help them through this,” says Scott Wary of CMSU Behavioral Health.

The Berwick Area United Way helped organize this counseling event.

“I think Berwick is strong. I love our community and it’s what we known for. People know that Berwick is a tight-knit community. We are resilient going through the dark days. We come out tougher stronger,” said Ayrun Shortlidge of the Berwick Area United Way.

Another community counseling session will be set up for next week. It may be held in person or virtually.

Information on counseling resources available in this area on the CMSU’s website, or call them at (570) 275-4962 or 1-800-676-4412. Call 1-800-222-9016 for their 24-hour crisis intervention hotline. Financial aid is available to those who need it.