SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As we near the holiday weekend, many are grocery shopping for their Independence Day cookout. But families are going to have to reach deeper into their pockets this year at the checkout line.

We all know prices are up this year but how much? Eyewitness News went grocery shopping this afternoon to see how much you could get on a budget of about $50 and you’ll be surprised what we found out.

Grabbing groceries ahead of the cookout.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the overall cost for a cookout for ten people is up 17% to $69.68.

Shoppers Wednesday say they are seeing that increase in stores.

“My husband and I are retired and are definitely feeling the pinch,” said Annemarie Zyskowski.

Olyphant resident Annemarie Zyskowski is expecting some company for the holiday weekend so she’s getting a head start on her shopping list at Schiff’s marketplace in Scranton.

“I’m picking up pulled pork for the holiday. I’m going to make pulled pork sliders and coleslaw,” stated Zyskowski.

If you’re going a more traditional route, like hamburgers. It’ll cost you about 36% more than last year. On average two pounds of ground beef is $11.12 nationwide.

Eric Martinelli, the food service operations manager at Schiff’s Marketplace says the high price of diesel gasoline comes back to the consumer at the grocery store.

“So the prices are a little bit more but that’s due to the pandemic and the wave is crashing after it where prices are coming up a little bit due to production costs,” explained Martinelli.

But not everything went up this year.

“We are actually seeing the price on buffalo wings going down a little bit so that’s a good sign,” said Martinelli.

The average cost of strawberries dropped 86 cents, sliced cheese is down about 48 cents, and potato chips are down roughly 22 cents.

Eyewitness News wanted to check out prices for themselves. We went to Gerrity’s in Scranton, to pick up items for a cookout for four.

Strawberries, A pound of potato salad, ground beef, cheese, hot dogs, and buns. You have to grab Middleswarth potato chips and Turkey Hill ice cream was on sale. Then we ended with a decorative cookie cake. The total came to $45.67.

Schiff’s told us some random items may be out of stock but nothing that should affect your holiday grocery list.