KINGSTON TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — One man is dead after a fierce fire ripped through a home in Luzerne County’s Back Mountain.

The victim was pulled from the house and died at the scene.

Smoke and flames poured from a home Friday morning on Harris Hill Road in Trucksville. But before neighbor Frances Holtzman could see or smell the fire, she heard it.

“I was working in the garden and I could hear a noise over on the side, sounded like the window was being kicked out, and I looked over and I saw fire in the room where the window was, and as soon as the window was out the front porch went up like a blaze,” said Holtzman.

She says two men lived in the house and figured that neither one was still inside.

“The back of the house, I know that’s the entrance they used to get in and out. So I figured with the front being on fire, they went out the back door,” said Holtzman.

But one man didn’t make it out alive. Firefighters wouldn’t talk about the victim who was pulled from the home, but did discuss the fierce fire fight they faced.

“It appears that there was heavy fire damage on the first floor front of the structure, traveled up to the second floor. And that’s where a majority of the fire was when we rolled up on the scene,” said Chief Steve Mathers of the Trucksville Volunteer Fire Company.

The chief says the fire was also fueled by some difficult factors.

“Wind played a role, but also, it’s a balloon frame construction so we had fore that just traveled right up into the attic from the first floor. And with the roof collapse, we’ve had some issues getting that fire,” said Mathers.

Holtzman has lived next door to the fire scene for 51 years.

“The house is old, you have to remember that. And the front porch did go up quick,” said Holtzman.

Once the fire was put out, the investigation into the cause began. A state police fire marshal was on scene taking pictures of what was left of the home. The DA’s Office is assisting state police in the search for answers.

The Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office says it is withholding the name of the man who died in the fire until his family can be notified.