(WBRE/WYOU) – An election controversy is boiling over. Republican 114th District State House Candidate Frank Scavo is taking flack for comments he has made on Facebook in recent years.

The comments were negative remarks focusing on Muslims. Now, several Democrats are reacting to those comments.

Pennsylvania Senator John Blake, along with Representatives Mike Carrol, Marty Flynn, and Kyle Mullins released a joint statement.

“After reading the Scranton Times’ March 1st story titled, ‘Scavo Removes racist Facebook posts targeting Muslims’ and after listening to Scavo’s attempt to clarify his positions in a March 1st interview hosted by WILK radio’s ‘MorningNews with Nancy and Webster,’ we have come to the conclusion that Frank Scavo is unfit to serve in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives – or in any other elected office.

“This is not a statement that we take lightly or make public for political reasons. In fact, this simple truth transcends party, politics,and ideology.

“Both of these reports clearly illustrate that candidate Scavo’s public statements and social media posts do not reflect the values, the principles, the virtues, or the compassion of the great men and women of Northeastern Pennsylvania.


“Frank Scavo is not simply on the wrong side of a political issue. He is on the wrong side of humanity.


“We believe that opinions like Scavo’s cannot be ignored. They cannot be met with silence from our leaders – Republican or Democratic. Thesewords rip through the fabric of our communities, our families, our children, and our nation.

“Voters deserve – and must demand – better.

“We are encouraged by the fact that there is a principled, honest, and sincere candidate on the 114th District Special Electionballot on March 12th.

“Bridget Malloy Kosierowski is a nurse, a mother, a wife, and an honorable community leader. She is a candidate who will serve citizens of every race, every religion, and every nationality with dignity, with fairness, and with civility.”

Scavo will face Democrat Bridget Kosierowski in a special election on Tuesday, March 12th.

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