DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Commerce Boulevard in Dickson City is notorious for its flooding and it’s only getting worst. But now, the question is who’s to blame?

Borough officials know the problem as to why this road floods. But no one has stepped up to fix it so, the situation will get worst before it gets better.

Monday afternoon Dickson City Police Chief captured pictures of Commerce Boulevard flooding during heavy rainfall.

“I could hear the rain falling and I looked at one of the officers, I said time to get up there and check Commerce Boulevard. I know it’s going to happen. Sure enough, we got up here and there were already two cars stuck and the water was starting to come up,” said Chief Bilinski.

Flooding has caused the police department to close down the road half a dozen times this year.

“It becomes a safety issue. Now I have to take officers away from other calls that are coming in because this takes priority,” explained Bilinski.

“The last storm the water was coming out of the manhole three-foot to four foot high,” said Cesare Forconi Dickson City Borough manager.

Using a map, Forconi explains a storm pipe five feet in diameter travels behind Dickson City Crossings to collect water runoff and makes a 90-degree turn by home depot. The pipe then travels under Commerce Boulevard it continues under a Dunmore Borough-owned access road alongside Taco Bell then into a retention pond.

The flooding is caused beneath Dunmore’s access road where the pipe is busted.

“It continually has got worst because there is more debris gets blocked into that blockage area and the water has no place to go except coming out of the manholes and flooding Commerce Boulevard,” said Forconi.

Dickson City DPW closed Dunmore’s access road for safety concerns. In the meantime, Dickson City officials are trying to figure out who is responsible to make necessary repairs. Through the borough’s own investigation they believe Brixmor Property Group who owns the shopping center is most likely responsible.

“At this point, Brixmor does not want to take responsibility or have not come forward to actually do the necessary repairs,” said Forconi.

Eyewitness News was told that if the problem at hand is not fixed litigation is looming.

Eyewitness News reached out to Brixmor twice today for comment and have not heard back we also reached out to Dunmore’s solicitor who says they believe it’s up to Brixmor or Dickson City borough to fix.