DALLAS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s been just over a month since flooding and strong winds led to an early closure of the Luzerne County Fair.

Now, organizers are raising money for the nonprofits that lost out on that time. A beautiful wood-carved bald eagle stands tall inside the Irem Shrine Pavilion in Dallas.

Imperfections were left on the work of art after it was damaged during the storms that hit the Luzerne County Fair last month.

“It was supposed to be five days of fun and Mother Nature decided to give us everything she had except for the snow,” stated Brenda Pugh, event organizer for ‘Concert for a Cause’.

Strong winds leveled out tents and stands on opening day while inches of rain led to flooding that eventually ended the fair a day early.

“There were three of us inside the tents holding them down so they didn’t blow away,” said Rob Kohli, owner of Pork U BBQ.

Owner of Pork U BBQ Kohli says they were about to break record sales at the fair before the flooding closed it down.

Now a month later organizers of the fair are holding a ‘Concert for a Cause’ event to raise money for the community service clubs that lost out due to the storm.

“I know people that are on some of these non-profits, they do three fundraisers a year with the fair being their biggest of the year. So the amount of money and revenue that they lost out on is astronomical for some of them,” explained Kohli.

The event will feature Tusk, the world’s number-one Fleetwood Mac tribute band at the Irem Shrine Pavilion. Shriners tell us they didn’t hesitate when offering to host the concert.

“It kind of gave us an opportunity not just to help out with the Luzerne County Fair, but also to kind of promote the shrine and get involved with some organizations and we just felt that was a real opportunity for us as well,” stated Jim Gallagher, Chief Rabban at Irem Shrine.

“We work hand and hand with the community and each other, and we do it all for our kids,” said Edmund Goodfield, Potentate of Irem Shrine.

In addition to raffles, the bald eagle will also be auctioned off a symbol of bonding the broken pieces together like the organizations coming together following the storm damage.

“It’s heartwarming and I think that’s one of the reasons that I got involved and that’s why we do it year after year after year is it goes so deep and people don’t realize how far it goes down in the community,” explained Pugh.

The concert for a cause event kicks off at 7:00 p.m. Friday. Tickets are still available for the fundraiser head over to the event site to purchase yours.