EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — A nationwide baby formula shortage has parents across our region and the nation scrambling to find a supply to feed their infants. And parents in the Poconos are expressing their worries when it comes to the shortage.

Desiree Courtright is the mother of 8-month-old Julian, a baby who’s as happy as could be.

Eyewitness News last spoke with Courtright in January when she first noticed a low supply of baby formula in stores.

Nearly four months later she says the formula shortage has her on the hunt for his food multiple times a week.

“So I’m going typically every two days, searching stores. I actually had someone bring me some down from the Blakeslee area, I have a friend who’s shipping me some from South Carolina,” said Desiree Courtright, Tannersville.

Julian is milk-intolerant so he can only drink hypoallergenic formula, something she says she has no control over and the pressure of trying to find his formula is overwhelming.

“Being stressed out to feed your child when you can’t breastfeed. Others just don’t want to and they shouldn’t have to be shamed or feel ashamed because they’re not. I really hope there’s a turnaround,” Courtright said.

Right now Julian is down to just three-quarters of a can of formula at home and she says that will only last about a day.

“I’m really hoping that you know, the government steps up and actually kind of finds a way to be able to provide the people here their formula,” Courtright stressed.

Courtright says she can only pray that the shortages get better for her and other families.