PLAINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The blizzard of ’17 buried many of us under feet of snow for weeks. Wednesday, one community threw a “thank you dinner” for the the men and women who dug them out during the storm.

Jeff Gustinucci, Plains Township DPW Assistant Director and plow driver said, “It just came down too fast.”

Plowing with inches of snow falling an hour is no easy task. Doing it, while navigating around other cars – is even harder. But, Plains Township residents  say – their DPW was up to the task.

Mark Kross, helped throw the DPW appreciation night at the Plains Township American Legion. “The night of the blizzard I went out at 10 at night to get gas for my snow blower and I was amazed at the condition of Carey street – it was like slushy!” Kross said.

He, and a local catering company threw the township’s DPW and first responders a thank you dinner. The catering company “Six” whipped up a tasty buffet- and the Plains Township American Legion provided a good time. They say the DPW  had their back during the storm, and now it’s their turn to return the favor.

Plains Township DPW Director Ron Wincek was floored by the gesture. “This is really the first time we’ve been recognized with a dinner – we get accolades and stuff by our commissioners, but to be recognized by the public its really nice,” he said.

The night of sitting down- to break bread made even better, plow drivers say, knowing its snow free.

“It’s really a great feeling its plains township there’s a saying plains proud and that’s what it is people here care about this town,”  Gustinucci added.

The DPW says they were lucky that none of their equipment broke, so they were able to stay ahead of the storm.