THROOP, LACKWANNA COUNTY (WBRE 28/WYOU 22 EYEWITNESS NEWS) — The Bulldogs, Spartanettes, Hurricanes and warriors are all seeking gold in high school baseball and softball state championships.

Students, parents and softball fans of the Mid Valley Spartanettes gathered at the Throop Little League Complex before making the trek to the state championship game at Penn State.

“We’ve never gotten this far before. And all the girls worked so hard, and most of them are in our grade. And they just worked really hard, and it’s so exciting, and the atmosphere is really great,” said Hannah Fletcher, a Mid-Valley sophomore.

“It’s amazing community support because all the three towns come together. And they have done so much for the girls, and just the community all together. They always come together in big ways to support everybody,” said Mary Hricenak of Dickson City.

No matter the outcome of the games, these fans feel the girls will have some treasured memories.

“They did something that nobody ever did before. They made it to the finals. So, to me it is a big thing even with Mid Valley School,” Bob Magliocchi from Throop said.

“This is probably a life-changing event for everybody involved. Every one of those players is never going to forget this day, win or lose. So, it’s an accomplishment just to be there, and just to gain the life experience to being at that level of competition,” said Bill Mackey of Dickson City.

“It brought everyone together, like they all came out for the parades and everything. So, I don’t know, it’s just a great opportunity, and they all worked really hard for it. So yeah, they definitely deserve it,” Fletcher said.

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