STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The news that one of their own could be involved in terrible crimes has Stroudsburg residents shocked.

Stroudsburg residents were at a loss for words when they heard about the crimes committed by one of their own.

But, many of them did share their thoughts with Eyewitness News earlier Monday after learning the details of Roggio’s conviction.

Close to a decade after authorities say Monroe County resident Ross Roggio tortured one of his employees in Iraq, he was convicted of torture and the illegal export of weapons on Friday.

Roggio was a Stroudsburg native and people Eyewitness News spoke with say they were stunned at the news.

“It doesn’t matter where you live, you never know who’s in your town and what could happen,” said Billy Geffken of Stroudsburg.

“It’s a bit shocking to know that someone who was from the area went to Iraq and was torturing people,” said Stroudsburg resident Alyssa Garlin.

Locals say they are just as relieved as they are surprised that Roggio is being held accountable after the torture that authorities say happened in 2015.

“It’s good news and I’m happy that finally he’s being charged after all these years,” said Geffken.

“I’m happy the guy is caught and he’s being convicted right now but it’s, wow. Wow,” said Stroudsburg resident Christopher Clark.

Many Stroudsburg residents were just learning of the convictions.

Although the Stroudsburg locals that Eyewitness News spoke with did not personally know Roggio, they were shocked that someone from the area can be convicted of such crimes.

“It’s scary to know that someone has that mentality of doing that to some people,” Garlin explained.

The hardest part for some in this community is realizing Roggio was someone they could have run into at any time.

“It’s crazy to think that somebody we could have bumped into at some point would be doing these kinds of things,” said Valentina Restrepo of Stroudsburg.

“Stuff happens all the time, but I wouldn’t picture it to happen here,” Clark stated.

Roggio will be back in court for his sentencing on August 23 and faces a maximum of life in prison.