PITTSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many young adults aren’t too worried about heart attacks. Especially not highly active yoga instructors. However, one such instructor and teacher went through a widowmaker heart attack just last week.

The Salt Barre is a yoga and pilates studio with many different services and about 20 different instructors. One of those instructors is Kayla Wolthoff.

“So the Salt Barre is going on our third anniversary in October. Kayla has been instrumental and one of our instructors since the onset. She brings a tremendous amount of energy and compassion to her classes,” stated Katie Duffy, Salt Barre Co-owner.

Despite her young age and good health Kayla went through a life-changing experience this past week.

“So this past Monday, Kayla suffered a massive heart attack and was life-flighted to Geisinger Danville for treatment. She is doing much better she’s progressing every day, she’s awake and alert. She started physical therapy yesterday. So she’s making huge strides from where she was two weeks ago,” said Jenna Strzelecki, Owner of the Anthracite Fitness Factory.

The community has been very quick to help her out however they can.

“Were doing a fundraiser here, outside of all the other things going on. We gave a donation to help with transportation costs, food, bills, and anything that Kayla has been unable to attend to,” Duffy added.

“We also are holding a benefit at Lucca restaurant on September 22. Were going to have basket raffles, gift card raffles. Just a lot of fun and to get all of Kayla’s friends together to kind of celebrate her and promote her wellness and recovery,” Strzelecki said.

She is also a teacher in the Scranton School District and everyone has been ecstatic to see her begin her recovery this week.

“It’s just been amazing to see how the community has rallied behind her and became a big family and supported her through all of this,” Strzelecki added.

If you want to help out, you can find links to donation pages on Salt Barre’s website and Facebook page.