A special dedication on Saturday night in the city of Pittston.

 “A large part of who I am and why I am came from this town, this wonderful community represented by all these great people.” said a proud Jimmy Cefalo on Saturday night.

The former Pittston Area, Penn State and Miami Dolphins football player Jimmy Cefalo was honored guest speaker Saturday night for the dedication of the new Pittston mural.

The art work appears on the side of the five story Newrose Building on Main Street. It features prominent Pittston residents and others who made their mark on the community and the world.

“It makes us whole and it shows us where we came from and where we’re going.” said Mayor Jason Klush

Cefalo told the crowd “This is always going to be home. It always has been and it always will be.

The Pittston mural painted by artist Michael Pilato is the third largest in Pennsylvania.