BERWICK, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The community of Berwick continues to come together in the aftermath of a tragic incident over the weekend in which one person was killed and more than a dozen other people were injured when a man drove his car into a crowd of people. 

It’s a time for healing for two communities in our area after two tragic incidents in recent weeks. First was a fire that killed 10 people including three young children in Nescopeck.

Second, 17 people were injured and a woman was killed when a man drove into a crowd of people at a fundraiser for the Nescopeck Fire victims.

The memorial continues to grow in front of the Intoxicology Department on East Second Street in Berwick.

The people who were struck down were here taking part in a fundraiser for victims of a devastating fire in Nescopeck 10 days earlier.

People we spoke with say they are mourning but insist, in their words, they will not let evil win.

“Everybody is grieving,” said Chief Gene Coone, of Berwick Fire Department.

Berwick Fire Chief Boone is talking about the tragedy that unfolded Saturday evening in front of the Intoxicology Department as well as the devastating fire in Nescopeck ten days earlier that killed 10 people.

“The community they’ve taken a such a big punch.. both community’s Nescopeck and Berwick taken a big punch. But as I said to many people in the last several days .. I’m proud of our community because it is the kind of community when things get hard they get harder they come back harder,” stated Boone.

This was the scene just after 6 Saturday night witnesses describe it as pure chaos when a car drove into a crowd of people.

50 year old Rebecca Reese from Wilkes-Barre was killed, 17 others were injured, two people remain in critical condition as of Tuesday, they were taking part in a fundraiser fir the fire victims.

Investigators say 24 year old Adrian Sura Reyes from Nescopeck admitted to driving into the crowd. Detectives say Sura Reyes also confessed to killing his mother at their Nescopeck home, just minutes after he drove into the crowd.

People we spoke with in Berwick say the community will work its way through this tragedy.

“It doesn’t seem now to the outside public but being born and raised in this community I’m sure anyone else can attest to Berwick being very proud very strong community,” explained Jonathan Nespoli of Nespoli Jewelers.

Council member Robert Lewis shares that belief..

“Berwick as a community will come together .. we’re hurting. Two incidents in a little over a week has thrown us for a loop,” said Rovert Lewis a Berwick Council member.

Rosina Goins works in downtown Berwick and came to view the Memorial Tuesday afternoon.

“It is really stressful and the way the world is with the money situation bills stuff like that now we get this going on. Then the fire happened with the kids family.. when is stuff going to end? It’s really overwhelming,” Rozina Goins said.

Berwick Borough officials tell Eyewitness News a special community meeting/counseling session will be held Wednesday at Berwick High School from 1 to 3 pm.. 

Meanwhile the investigation into the deadly fire in Nescopeck is ongoing.