Community concerned over house littered with stray cats


JENKINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- People living in a Luzerne County neighborhood say they’ve had it with a problem property that has become a haven for feral cats.

They say the situation is being made worse by other neighbors who feed the cats, even though dozens of these cats have already been removed from the house. Some say it’s a case of two steps forward, three steps back.

“It’s a disgrace that a house looks like this,” says Romaine Campenni of Jenkins Township.

“It’s terrible, it’s horrible,” says Lou Campenni of Jenkins Township.

These are the words used by neighbors to describe one hose on East Sunrise Drive in Jenkins Township. It was condemned by township officials last November.

The owner could not keep up with the mortgage payments and the bank is in the process of foreclosing the property. It’s now overgrown with weeds and cats have taken up residence.

The Campenni’s live next door.

“When you have to go sit on your front porch and you have the smell from these cats, and not only are they littering on that property, they come over in my shrubs and do their waste in my shrubs,” says Lou.

“They even tried to come into my house at one time my windows were open upstairs,” says Romaine. “They tried to break into the screen to come into the house in the middle of the night.”

The Campenni’s say that some neighbors are feeding the cats. Eyewitness News did not come across any felines but we did see a bowl for food and water in one driveway and empty bags of cat food on the back porch of the home.

“Please don’t feed them because they just propagate and cause more of a problem for everybody,” says Stanley Rovinski, the Jenkins Township Supervisor.

Township officials have strapped and removed about 30 cats from the house so far. As for the house, they say it cannot be cleaned overnight, but they are working on making that happen.

“We just can’t walk in and do things even if we see they are wrong,” says Rovinski. “We have to go through the courts and the legal process.”

Officials say they are working with the bank to have the property cleaned up or have it torn down. They are not sure how long that could take.

Jenkins Township, like many other local communities, work with groups that will trap cats and put them up for adoption.

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