MILFORD, PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)  An unexplained delay in the penalty phase of the Eric Frein case in Pike County.
  Eyewitness News Reporter Eric Deabill tells us Frein’s Defense Attorneys have left the courthouse in Pike County and are at their offices.

There’s been no testimony this morning in the Frein case as the defense asked the judge to do a competency exam on Frein

Defense lawyers say Frein claims that he hasn’t slept since Wednesday

The judge denied the motion after some testimony….the penalty phase expects to resume at 1:15 pm

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He says Frein’s parents are also at that office.
   Friday the prosecution wrapped up their case.
   They are pushing for the death penalty

The defense is working to spare Frein’s life after last weeks conviction in the 2014 ambush on the Blooming Grove state police barracks.

Now there’s a chance that Frein could take the stand in his own defense