PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)    The jury in the Eric Frein murder trial has a life or death decision on its hands at this hour.  After listening to more than three weeks of testimony, they must decide if the 33-year-old convicted murder will face the death penalty.  Eyewitness News reporter Eric Deabill is covering the trial for Eyewitness News.

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In his closing argument, district attorney Ray Tonkin called Eric Frein a murderer, bomber and terrorist who made choices on September 12, 2014.

Tonkin said, “He made a choice to pull that cold trigger again, again, again and again”

As he tried to convince jurors to sentence Frein to death, Tonkin spent one hour re-iterating the cold and calculated planning he says Frein did as he waited in the woods across the street from the Blooming Grove barracks.

Tonkin said the real Eric Frein is the man who joked on a prison recording with mother about making money from the ambush by giving an interview to the highest bidder.

As they make their decision, Tonkin also urged jurors to consider victim Bryon Dickson, his family and their struggles.

The DA says Dickson brought honor to his uniform and nothing less than full justice, or death, is deserved.

In their closing argument, defense lawyers tried to show Eric Frein’s family was forged on lies and anger and Eric was always trying to seek the approval of his father.

They believe Frein’s upbringing and difficult life are reasons why he should get life in prison.

They also asked for mercy and sympathy.

“We want the jury to know the life that Eric Frein led, the family that he had. You know, you’re not born and raised in a vacuum” Said Michael Weinstein, Defense Attorney

It’s not known how long jurors will be allowed to deliberate tonight….but if Eric Frein is sentenced to death….something will happen here in Milford that hasn’t taken place in roughly 30 years

As is tradition, the sheriff plans to ring the bell on this courthouse…to signal to this community…that the death penalty has been imposed.

The last time that was done was in the 1980s with the sentence given to Barry Gibbs.