PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) The jury began deliberating at 5:10 this evening.
At this point, they haven’t come back to ask any questions.
The decision they are making comes after three weeks of testimony — and more than two and a half years after the ambush itself.  Eyewitness News Reporter Eric Deabill is at the Pike County Courthouse.

The fate of Eric Frein is now in the hands of a jury.
His attorneys asked for mercy and sympathy in their closing argument Wednesday.

Michael Weinstein
Defense Attorney
“This task, for the jury, is, I don’t know how many of you would want that task. I wouldn’t want it”

Defense Attorney Michael Weinstein said his client is already expecting to die in jail but deserves to be sparred from lethal injection because he had a bad family life and upbringing.

Prosecutors said Eric Frein deserves nothing less than death.

District Attorney Ray Tonkin called the 33-year-old a murderer, bomber and terrorist.

Tonkin urged the jury to consider victim Bryon Dickson.

He said the death penalty is not only deserved — but earned — by Eric Frein.

Attorneys on both sides of this case know the verdict won’t come easy for jurors.

“They’re going to look into their hearts to make that determination, at least I hope they do” Said Michael Weinstein, Defense Attorney

It’s unclear how long the judge will let jurors deliberate this evening.

Eric Frein is being kept here at the courthouse — but both the prosecution and defense are awaiting the verdict in their respective offices.

If Eric Frein is sentenced to death — the bell on this courthouse will ring out as a signal to the community. As is tradition, it only rings when the death penalty is imposed — the last time that happened was the 1980