MILFORD, PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Jurors in the Eric Frein murder trial have a life or death decision — and they could begin their deliberations as early as tomorrow. Defense lawyers rested their case today in the penalty phase of Frein’s trial after calling the convicted killer’s sister to the stand. Eyewitness News reporter Eric Deabill is in Milford with more on today’s testimony.

As one of the final witnesses for the defense, Eric Frein’s adopted sister Tiffany testified on his behalf Tuesday.

She described growing up in an abusive home and said her brother was the only one who would step-up and protect her.

As they try to save their client, defense lawyers hope jurors will factor Frein’s troubled home life into their deliberations.

“We wouldn’t have put it on if we didn’t think it would mitigate” Said Bill Ruzzo, Defense Attorney.

For the last three days, Frein’s attorneys have been trying to persuade jurors that the influence Eric Frein’s father had on him is a reason he should be sentenced to life in prison.

Eric Frein did not testify on his own behalf.

In court, he acknowledged to the judge that was his own decision.

“We were anticipating that the judge might allow them to go over the details of the crime. Eric, of course, would have to admit it” added Bill Ruzzo

After the defense rested it case Tuesday,  prosecutors were allowed to call rebuttal witnesses.

Kathleen Cronin from the Pike County prison played a recorded conversation between Frein and his mother from November 2014.

They were heard joking about selling Frein’s story to the highest bidder after trial.

That conversation happened only two months after the Blooming Grove ambush.

“I don’t know that, if at this point in the case, it has any significance at all. This happened in November 2014, the press were trying to reach him in the jail” noted Michael Weinstein, Defense Attorney.

The decision to possibly impose the death penalty on Eric Frein isn’t one that comes easy.

All twelve jurors must agree unanimously — otherwise Eric Frein will automatically receive life in prison without parole.