PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Defense lawyers say Eric Frein is on suicide watch in prison and hasn’t slept in five or six days. They say he wouldn’t talk or walk this morning — but the district attorney believes it was all an act. After the judge denied a request to have Frein examined — testimony resumed this afternoon with Frein’s parents taking the stand.  Eyewitness News Reporter Eric Deabill has the story.

Growing up, Eric Frein’s father Eugene told his son stories about the Army, combat in Vietnam and being a sniper — but it turns out they were fake.

On the witness stand, Eugene Michael Frein admitted embellishing his military service to his son, saying,

“I failed Eric as a father. I failed him by not pushing him harder.”

“When you’re born, when you’re a child, the first person you learn from is your mom and dad so he grew up with a military war hero, worshipping a war hero” said Michael Weinstein, Defense Attorney

As they try to save Eric Frein’s life, defense lawyers called Eric Frein’s family and friends to the stand Monday.

Frein’s friend Warren Ahner also testified, calling the Frein household “interesting.”

He said Eric Frein looked up to his father who had extreme views, including that the government is too big.

Frein’s mother Debra told jurors her son had limited friends in school.

Since September 2014, She described her life as living in hell.

She cried on the stand, saying her son has been made out to be a monster but that’s not who he is.

She told jurors,

“I don’t want my son on death row, how do you go on”?

“She’s a mother! My mother would have done the same thing!” said Michael Weinstein, Defense Attorney.

Two new things we leaned about this case today — was that Frein reportedly told his mother that he was going to a bluegrass festival in Virginia with friends the weekend of the blooming grove ambush.

The DA also alluded to a prison phone call he has between Frein and his mother where he said after the trial, his first interview would go to the highest bidder