PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Tiffany Frein, Eric Frein’s adopted sister was one of the final defense witnesses today — she called him her “protector.”
The biggest bombshell of the day came when prosecutors were allowed to begin calling rebuttal witnesses — and jurors heard Frein joke and laugh about selling his story for money.  Eyewitness News Reporter Eric Deabill has the story

Eric Frein did not take the stand Tuesday to ask jurors to spare his life but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to talk.

Prosecutors played a recorded conversation between Frein and his mother from inside the Pike County prison in 2014.

Only two months after the deadly ambush at the Blooming Grove barracks, they joked about selling his story to the “highest bidder” after trial.

“I don’t know that, if at this point in this case, it has any significance at all. This happened in 2014, the press were trying to reach him in the jail.” said Michael Weinstein, Defense Attorney

As this trial winds down, the public is once again interested in the testimony.

Several students from Delaware Valley High School attended the trial Tuesday.

They were shocked by Frein’s conversation.

“It just changed my whole opinion on him. I didn’t have a high opinion on him to begin with but it just dropped way low when he said it and he was joking about it too, especially so soon after the shooting” noted Kelsie Moffa, a Delaware Valley Sophomore.

“It’s only two months after and he’s saying that like it’s no big deal to him. He clearly didn’t have any emotion” added Hannah Grathwohl, a Delaware Valley Sophomore.

For the last two days, Eric Frein has taken no notes during his trial.

While his attorneys are still working to save his life, they say he may feel there’s no hope for the future.

Eric is not very vociferous about the penalty phase of the case. He thinks the case was over once they gave him life in prison” added Bill Ruzzo, Defense Attorney.

Prosecutors expect only a little more testimony tomorrow morning. They will then give closing arguments.
The judge said depending on timing, jurors could begin their deliberations at some point tomorrow afternoon.