MILTON, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Where is Barbara Miller and who killed her? Those questions remains unanswered after nearly 30 years. but investigators in Northumberland County believe a property in Milton can unlock the mystery surrounding this cold case. Police searched a property for a second day. The I- Team’s Andy Mehalshick has the latest.

Investigators tell the I-Team they believe that they will find the remains of Barbara Miller on that Milton property. On Thursday, -the police chief sent a strong message to the prime suspect. Turn yourself in because law enforcement is not going away.. 

Investigators brought in a backhoe to dig into the earth under a rear deck of a North Front Street home in Milton. they also are using a ground penetrating radar machine.

Chief Tim Miller, of the Sunbury Police Department  said “Basically I’m going to look under every stone turn over every rock. I’m going to look everywhere.”.

For the second day in a row detectives are searching this property for the remains of 30 year old Barbara Miller.

She disappeared in July of 1989. Police got a tip that her remains are somewhere on the North Front Street property..

Sunbury police Chief Tim Miller spoke directly to the prime suspect in her disappearance.. “There’s no doubt in my mind that the person who is responsible for this is watching these newscasts and following it on Facebook. I wold ask please before I tear this man’s house down give me a call.”

While not identifying that suspect, his name is in a search warrant affidavit the police obtained to search the Milton home. . That name is Joseph Egan, Miller’s boyfriend who reported her missing three days after she failed to return to her Sunbury home.

The Chief urged the suspect “Let’s talk give me a call. let’s put this to bed. no doubt there’s no doubt a person could do something like this and live with themselves.”

And detectives are sure that other people have information about Miller’s disappearance but for one reason or another have not come forward.

Chief Kurt Zettlemoyer of the Milton Police Department said “Don’t think that the information you have may not be a pertinent piece of the puzzle we are trying to put together. ” 

Eyewitness News is attempting to contact Mr. Egan for comment but thus far we have not been successful. and We must point out he has not been charged with a crime in connection with this case.  Investigators say the search of that property could take up to several weeks until they are satisfied that Miller’s remains are not there.