(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Longtime Loyalsock Boys Head Basketball Coach Ron Insinger is about to reach yet another milestone.  

After 44 years on the hardwood, Coach Insinger, or C-I “See Eye” for short… is about to reach one thousand career victories. Eyewitness Sports Reporter JoeGarrison has more on the milestone.

the young men on his team play hard, game after game, like this one in Lewisburg, for Coach Insinger.  

The man they call C-I.

Talk of a thousand career victories for Loyalsock Boys Basketball Coach Ron Insinger has his players swelling with Lancer Pride.

“Honestly, it’s crazy.  I don’t know if it’s been done before, but a thousand wins is absolutely insane” Said Anthony Pastore, Senior Guard..

“Oh, it is something special.  He is one of the best coaches ever.  To be part of the team that gets his thousand is something special” added Gerald Ross, Senior Guard..

Nats, team huddle: “To make it work you have to believe in it” 

“He’s awesome, he is like a Father Figure to us.  He talks a lot about old time, and the new times.  He has adapted and stuff like that.  It has been awesome”.added Connor Watkins, Senior Forward.

And even with all of this attention, CI remains humble.  Those who know him best will tell you he will be quick to grab all of this credit, but then turn around and hand it right back to his players.

“Exactly, I did not win a darn game.  The players have won 999 games.  I have been blessed.  I’ve been blessed with assistant coaches, blessed with unbelievably great players” Said Ron Insinger, Loyalsock Head Coach.

After 44 years of coaching, a thousand wins… and a few losses, one question remains.

“When are you going to retire?  And I say when basketball becomes a job, when coaching becomes a chore, then I will walk away,” said Insinger.

The Lancers will host the Hughesville Spartans Saturday afternoon at one-thirty.  
A Loyalsock Victory will be number one thousand for C-I.