Williamsport, Lycoming County-Some new bags represent a sign of the times   at least in the eyes of the James V. Brown Library.

“We understand that not every family is going to be able to come to the library every time or have time to browse our shelves so that’s why its so convenient we’ve done everything for them we’ve packaged it they just have to grab it and walk out” said Melissa Rowse the Assistant Director of he James V. Brown Library.

They’re called “Experience Bags.” and inside each one is a themed getaway — complete with a books, dvds, cd’s, and more.

The library just launched the bags — they are geared towards the “frantically busy” millennial generation, who may not have time to stop at the library, and browse the shelves — or attend the workshops there.


“Everyone we’re in the technology where you want it right now you don’t want to meander through the library so this is just an ok come in come out and i have my goody bag to go.” said Marissa Barnett of Williamsport.

The library has put together eight experience bags… and based on their immediate popularity, officials plan to add more.

“We’re doing a home brewing workshop because we would also like to get some men into the library so we’d provide a bag that talks about home brewing the different types of brewers out there.” said Rowse

People say the bags are a great idea — especially in this day and age… where many people seem to have limited downtime.


“There’s so much to do in my day i can’t speak for everybody else but I work and school and so i can understand why people who do the things I do don’t have time to get into a library.” said Brian Dickey of Williamsport.