Celebrate Left Handers Day at Pocono Shop


Barrett Township, Monroe County – It’s a special day for about 10-percent of the population: International Left-Handers Day.

Lefties have an interesting place to shop in the Poconos. It’s Callie’s Left Hand Shop inside of Callie’s Pretzel Factory.

Theresa Talarico browsed the shop in Barrett Township and smiled, “I think it’s awesome. We come here every year.”

Co-owner Mark Reisenwizts (a lefty) said it’s a great place to celebrate the things that make southpaws unique, like creativity. He noted, “I think maybe we look at things a little differently than other folks. We have creative solutions to things.”

From clocks, to cups, and clothes, there are all sorts of left handed items. Reisenwitz said, “Measuring cups are very handy. These are printed so when I fill them up I can read those numbers without having to turn them around the other way.”

Some of the most popular items here in the shop are left handed notebooks. The bindings are on the right side so lefties don’t bump into them when they write.

Sam Mantione of West Pittston said, “I think this is interesting. I never saw so many things for left handers before.”

While there’s a holiday to celebrate being left handed now, there was a time when people thought it was wrong. Jim Wills of New Jersey remembered nuns reprimanding him for it. He said, “They were always slapping my hand for being left handed.”

He and many others agree, they’re happy that these days being a lefty is all right. “We’re just the greatest,” laughed Reisenwitz.

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