Case of Scabies Confirmed at Gino Merli Veterans’ Center


State health officials have been notified after a confirmed case of scabies has been identified at a veterans facility in Lackawanna County.

A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs confirmed the situation late Thursday afternoon to Eyewitness News.

The spokeswoman says one case of scabies, a contagious skin disease, was identified in a resident at the Gino Merli Veterans’ Center on Wednesday.

She says the facility in Scranton took immediate action to make sure all residents are safe.

This is what she has confirmed about the situation.

The resident who was identified to have scabies was given a creme treatment for their symptoms.

They live in a unit of the veterans center that has 31 people in it.

Staff members reportedly checked out all of the other residents and found four other residents with potential symptoms.

As a result, officials say several precautionary measures were taken.

That included changing bedding, washing down and sanitizing furniture and cleaning wheelchairs and other equipment.

Residents were kept in their unit for the time being and staff members have done the best they can to keep families informed of the situation.

The state spokeswoman also said they checked every resident in the affected patient’s unit and treated all 31 people with creme as a precaution.

Staff members were also offered treatment but as of this point, the spokeswoman in Harrisburg says no staff members have showed signs of symptoms or having any problems.

At this point, spokeswoman Joan Nissley tells Eyewitness News the Pennsylvania Department of Health was notified about the situation.

She says its also important to point out that scabies is treatable with the creme and is not uncommon to have in long-term care facilities like the Gino Merli Veterans’ Center in Scranton.

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