LEHIGH VALLEY, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Carbon County hospital just got a major upgrade.

Friday 28/22News got to take a look at Lehigh Valley Carbons’ newest addition to the hospital, to help better serve the community!

Friday afternoon a ribbon cutting was held at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Carbon County. They opened up their new ICU with seven beds.

This project has been in the works since the hospital opened back in June of last year.

“When we first opened the carbon campus it became very clear and evident that we needed to have this here it’ll prevent patients from needing to be transferred to the valley or to any of the other campuses 30 to 40 minutes from our main campus,” explained Chrissy Schirer the director of Patient Care Services.

With this new addition, patients can get all the care they need right here in their own community.

the new ICU will also give the opportunity to meet with the same providers that are from Lehigh Valley’s Main Campus.

“We’ll be able to take patients that need more drips and more ventilatory support than we would have been able to prior the other benefit of all of this is the telehealth capabilities so we continue to have providers that you normally would see at the Lehigh Valley campuses that will actually see you right here in our own rooms on the monitors,” continued Schirer.

The hospital has only been open a year, but one staff member says the growth he has seen has been impressive.

“It’s also pretty fun to see the place you started with now growing and the capability now has really gotten much higher,” added Lawrence Riddles Chief Medical Officer.

The staff members tell 28/22 News they look forward to continuing to grow to meet patient’s needs.