LEHIGHTON, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Carbon County Children and Youth Services will be officially relocating next year following a vote at the commissioner’s meeting on Thursday.

Tucked away in downtown Jim Thorpe, Carbon County Children and Youth Services has been providing help to those in need out of its building on Susquehanna Street for over a decade.

“If not for these agents, there would be a problem out there and we are grateful because Children and Youth is there,” said Peter Nyamarr, a case worker at Carbon County Children and Youth.

Following a final vote at the county commissioners’ meeting Thursday, the center will now be relocated to Lehighton, a move some employees say is much needed.

“Our office is small and the parking is almost like squeezed in like a can of sardines,” described Rupinder Kaur, a case worker at Carbon County Children and Youth.

They say despite multiple parking signs, guests visiting the area still park in the limited lot next door.

“There’s going to be better parking. We’re going to be closer to other agencies that we work with like drug and alcohol, mental health, so we’re very excited about it,” explained Christine Gurrera, a case worker at Carbon County Children and Youth.

Children and Youth’s new location is just four miles away on Iron Street in a building that houses St. Luke’s Center. The nearly $3M project involves tearing down a part of the building to renovate.

Carbon County Commissioner Rocky Ahner voted in favor of the project. He stresses the new open space is something the workers needed.

“You can’t be rushing for seven hours and go through the things that they see every day. They need some downtime too and if we can provide that to them, I think that helps them do their job better,” explained Carbon County Commissioner, Rocky Ahner.

Commissioner Ahner says construction is set to begin sometime in November and he hopes to have Children and Youth moved in as early as April.