Canadian-US Dairy Fight


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBRE/WYOU-TV) New York dairy farmers say the Canadians are killing their business. Eyewitness News Washington correspondent Morgan wright reports Canada has long been tough on imported American milk, but new rules are hurting New York dairy farmers, driving down prices, and putting many on the brink of failure.

: Congresswoman Claudia Tenney says New York dairy farmers lost nearly 58 million dollars in 2017 – a result from Canada’s revision of its milk classification system…

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, said “As we renegotiate NAFTA we have to take this into play…

In a letter to us trade representative Robert Lighthizer, Congresswoman Tenney calls for the elimination of Canada’s class 7 pricing program. 

The program changed the price of Canadian milk protein, which is one ingredient of milk because they had so much they couldn’t sell it.

That made milk protein so inexpensive u-s farmers can’t compete with Canadian prices.

  “They are selling skim milk powders on the world market below the cost of production.” Said Michael Dykes, President, and CEO International Dairy Foods Association,

   “We estimated that over 5 years… the United States is going to lose a billion dollars” said Congresswoman Tenney.

Michael Dykes says Canada has created a market disruption for us dairy farmers.

 “We have skim milk powders that we need to sell in the world market – and now we’re competing with a country – Canada which has traditionally not been a competitor, “ said Dykes,

The international dairy foods association wants a level playing field.

Congresswoman Tenney says a NAFTA negotiation over the milk products could fix the problem.

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