Employers now required to report employees refusing to return to work


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Judice Inn along Johnston Street in Lafayette has a long standing reputation.

Owner and General Manager, Gerald Judice says the restaurants reputation is paying off in Phase 2 of re-opening.

“We kept our shifts the same; except for we abbreviated our hours a little bit because later at night we weren’t getting any business,” Judice said.

Judice says he found no need to let anyone go.

He explains there are advantages to being local and trying to find workers.

“All the past employees who come through here will still help themselves half the time. These are people who worked here 20 years ago,” Judice noted.

Down the block and around the corner on Bertrand Drive is Dean-O’s Pizza. The restaurant is another business with a local reputation.

“They say they’re nice people to work for and great people to work with.  It makes it a little easier on our end to be able to hire,” owner Tim Metcalf added.

“We were able to keep about 80% of our staff because pizza is the perfect take out food,” Metcalf stated.

Metcalf says the vacant spots were mainly filled with new hires.

“We are finding younger people and recent high school graduates. That’s more of what we’re finding,” Metcalf said.

He agrees that being locally owned can be a plus.

However, high unemployment benefits can pose a challenge.

“If you can sit at home and make $850 a week or go to work for $400 a week, then yes it’s hard. I understand we try to help everybody but it can create problems,” Metcalf note.

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