CLARKS SUMMIT, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As the pandemic closes on its second year, mom-and-pop shops are struggling to stay staffed and stay open. That’s why a local business owner has taken it upon herself to increase advertising.

“I don’t like to imagine what stores and areas would look like 20 years from now without the small and medium-sized businesses,” stated Rebecca Martino.

Earlier this month Martino, the owner of Stately Pet Supply, started an ad campaign encouraging her community to shop locally.

“I thought it would be a good time to move the marketing budget into something that talked about how important it is to support your local businesses,” explained Martino.

Tuesday afternoon customers were in and out of Stately Pet Supplies buying food and treats for their cats and dogs.

“Whatever I can use that they have, you know keeps the store open,” said Ruth Tosi.

“They need all the support we can give them especially in these times,” said Toni Dougherty.

For this South Abington resident shopping, local is deep in her roots.

“My dad was a small business owner, and he led us in the right direction, you help your neighbor, help the small guy,” explained Dougherty.

Eyewitness News also caught a small business owner in action supporting her neighbor.

“As a fellow small business owner, it’s really good to support the local area because she is so personable. She knows so much and she carries products that nobody else has,” stated Anne Williams, owner of Gryphon Winds Instrument Repair.

The term supporting local is used often, but Martino says the phrase means more to the local economy than you may realize.

“It is kind of strategically placing the money that you’re about to spend anyway but it’s strategically placing it in an area that your family lives in right? These are the businesses that are going to sponsor Little League teams,” explained Martino.

Martino hopes you think about the impact you have on the economy the next time you open your wallet. Stately Pet Supply has been open for seven years.