OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Police say a string of burglaries in Lycoming County could be targeting the Asian community.

Several residential burglaries in Lycoming County this December.

Old Lycoming Township police say these crimes could be racially motivated.

“All three of the burglaries, the two here in Old Lycoming Township and the one in Montoursville Borough, all 3 of them were business owners, Asian-American business owners from the community,” said Chief Christopher Kriner, Old Lycoming Township Police Department.

Police say the suspects broke into the residences when the victims weren’t home and took various items.

“There’s some common denominators, things that are shared among all these burglaries which obviously make us concerned that they’re linked and the same group of individuals are responsible,” said Chief Kriner.

Police believe it’s a group of three to four people who used different cars during each crime.

One business owner, who asked to stay anonymous, says they’re taking extra steps to ensure safety.

“She’s been taking a longer route to go home now; we don’t take the normal route. So, I think maybe it’s a good idea to take a longer route in case anyone is following,” said the anonymous owner.

Chief Kriner is also urging residents to also stay vigilant and report suspicious activities.

“You know, keep an eye on things around your business or if you see vehicles that are parked outside your business or your home that you don’t recognize for a considerable amount of time, or you don’t recognize them, call 9-1-1.