JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Snyder County  (WBRE/WYOU) – The Campbell girls are getting a laugh from an old family photo that made the front of their paper.

Inside is an article showcasing the gymnasts and their family-owned gymnastic school in Sunbury, Gym Starz.

Being the proud mom she is, Beth Campbell doesn’t hesitate to show off some pictures of middle child, Misi.

“Misi was not a dancer. She could tumble. Boy God love her heart, says Campbell.

Born to be a gymnast, Misi eventually changed her role in her parents gym. She became a coach and ultimately joining her sisters in starting a cheerleading program.

The competition she would face in 2014 was not one she had choreographed.

At 41-years-old, the mom of three was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“At first of course you think oh my God I am going to die. I want to live for my babies. I want to see my baby grow up, says Lucas.

“Right away I am thinking she is going to die. I am not going to have my child, Campbell adds.

But Misi recovered with the help and support of her squad, starting with her first trip to the oncologist.

Misi describes living a new normal now. She may not be coaching in the gym, but she is coaching her own team at home.