FORTY FORT, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) Pam Cole is enjoying some breakfast with her two teenage daughters, Haley and Riley.
Today the trio is heading to Pam’s childhood home in Swoyersville to visit with her dad.    

 “My father was diagnosed with cancer. He had a real big tumor in his right lung.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Pam has had to care of a sick parent.

Her mother passed away from cancer in February of 2014.

This tragedy pushed Pam to focus on her own health.

Months later, she made the decision to get a mammogram.

Just two days before Christmas..

“I got the phone call and heard those three words. “you have cancer.”

Pam’s road to recovery began in December of 2014.
A journey filled with much more disappointment than she could ever imagine.

“Your relationships change. You find out who your friends really are and who your friends are not.”

And then another relationship revelation.
Pam says her husband decided to end their marriage.

“I was really taken back. I was thinking you got to be kidding me. I found out through different resources down at the cancer treatments of America said that this is very common.”

Now living what Pam calls her “new normal”.
She has the support of her two girls.

“I would describe her as strong and optimistic.”  Said Rylie Cole

“She’s the strongest person and i love her a lot. I wouldn’t give her up for the world.” said Haley Cole

“Guess what? When i found out that I had cancer the world didn’t stop turning. It kept going. It didn’t care; it goes. Life is what you make of it.” Said Pam

We spoke to a representative from the Cancer Treatment Center of America where Pam received her treatment.
    They offer mind-body therapists, which provide support tailored to the specific patient. So, if someone is going through a divorce, it’s an issue that would be worked on during counseling.
    And as always, our Buddy Check is the time we remind you to call your buddy to remind them to do a breast self-exam.
    It’s a call that could save a life.