(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Each month we’re sharing stories of strength and survival of people right here in our area.
    In this month’s “Buddy Check”..  Eyewitness News Anchor Kelly Byrne  introduces you to one woman fighting breast cancer at a very young age.

It was an unimaginable diagnosis for 25 year old Abigail Koch.
Working in the medicial field she knows the signs and symptoms.
“I found a lump and it was painful. And working in the radiology department, I called my doctor and got the scripts to get an ultrasound and mamo. And I knew exactly once I saw the screen, what it was.”

A tumor on her pectoralis muscle.means a long road of treatment ahead.
But it doesn’t stop her from living her life like any other 25 year old.

“There’s so much going on in my life, I literally got a diagnosis, a house, and a full time job within in a week of each other.”  Said Abigail

The life changes, like purchasing a new home keep her busy  helping her through the toughest battle.

It’s a process.. but Abigail looks forward to the finish line.
Just as she does. with her cancer..

“it’s not the best time of life going through chemo and being tired all the time, but I’m just trying to get through day by day. Work and house and living my normal life like i never even knew I had cancer.”

This is your Monthly Reminder To Call Your Buddy to remind them to do a breast self-exam.
    It’s a call that could save a life