NANTICOKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — The last time we saw them, George W. Bush was president. But after 17 years, the Brood X cicadas are coming back and some areas will be seeing hoards of them.

“It’s a pageant of life that’s happening all around us,” Bloomsburg University Professor of Biology Clay Corbin said. “Every so often you get these events that are spectacular and indescribable.”

Periodical cicadas are different than annual cicadas which emerge every year.

Now that is early June and the ground is beginning to warm, Brood X is starting to emerge from their tunnels. Some shells and adult cicadas can already be found on Luzerne County Community College’s campus but a lot more are expected.

Penn State Extension Assistant Research Professor of Arthropod Identification Michael Skvarla says they will make a droning sound which can be noticeably loud as more cicadas emerge.

Corbin says the insects cause no harm to humans or animals, but could damage plants. He says gauze-style wraps can be used to protect tree links and brances.

“The females do lay their eggs in branches. They will kill the twig and the twig will fall off,” Corbin said.

The sound and sheer amount of insects may be a nuisance this summer but experts do not recommend using pesticide to get rid of them.

“There’s so many cicadas, you might kill some but then more will just move in from next door,” Skvarla said.

Cicadas are edible but the FDA is warning against eating them if you are allergic to seafood.