NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Four people were severely injured in a violent car crash during Saturday night’s storm. They survived the crash but suffered serious injuries.

The crash happened late Saturday night at the bridge on Falls Road. It had collapsed as a result of the storm.

“It was early in the morning about 5:30 and I was completely shocked,” said Shane Bradley, General Manager, Chief Operating Officer at Fox Hill Country Club.

That’s when the Fox Hill Country Club staff got word that two of their beloved employees. John and Joe had been in a horrific car crash as a result of Saturday’s storms. Now, their work family is rallying behind them on their long road to recovery.

“John and Joey are both important parts of our team and I was just absolutely floored,” added Bradley.

John better known as Johnny, has worked at Fox Hill since 2000, and Joe since 2010. Fox Hill officials say they are known for their work ethic and especially their character.

“They absolutely are a joy to work with. Both funny guys they enjoy joking around and having a good time but they’re hard workers,” Bradley continued.

“We’re all family here at Fox Hill and it’s like losing two little brothers,” stated Ron Garrison, Fox Hill Country Club Superintendent.

The crash happened late Saturday night. The four were driving during the intense storms when they came across a collapsed bridge on Falls Road in Newton Township.

Due to the torrential downpour, they couldn’t see ahead of them. They then crashed into the raised portion of the bridge, leaving them with severe injuries. One of their iPhones notified 911 of a crash after the impact.

While three of the victims have just started to recover, Johnny remains in critical condition.

“You know when the word friend comes to mind, that is definitely Johnny Polack. Johnny Polack is just a gem of a human being,” said Rich Codovan, a friend of Polack.

“I can’t imagine this life without somebody like Johnny Polack in it. I mean we know he’s gonna do fine and he just has to. He has to be there for us and we’re there for him,” Codovan added.

A GoFundMe account for Johnny and a GoFundMe account for Joey have been set up to raise money for their recoveries. To donate to either one or both please visit them online.