KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Eyewitness News was on the scene as police search a Kingston residence.

At about 6:00 p.m., police raided a Kingston house at 124 East Bennette Street, that’s the other half of the duplex where 22-year-old Ryan Walker Padovani’s body was found last Friday.

Kingston Police Department had the road blocked as they searched the home throughout the evening before leaving.

Police walked through the neighborhood talking with nearby residents.

Sources close to the case tell the I-Team this is all connected to the Kingston homicide investigation.

Neighbors could not believe what was unfolding before their eyes.

“We’re all in a state of shock, kind of nervous, what happened. It’s a quiet block,” said Joe Mansueto.

Kayla and other neighbors watched from their front porches the latest in a case that has stunned this neighborhood.

“We are all trying to figure out what happened, like I said it’s a quiet street. We were home when it happened, 10 houses down from where I live. It’s scary,” Kayla explained.

Sources close to the case tell Eyewitness News the search warrant affidavit is sealed by the court so as not to jeopardize the investigation.

This is an ongoing situation and Eyewitness News will provide information as it becomes available.