EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — According to the non-profit Feeding America, 34 million people are food insecure.

A local organization has been trying to solve that problem in Northeastern Pennsylvania for decades. Now it’s getting help to extend its reach.

The rustling of bags being filled with food is a familiar sound at Bread Basket of NEPA’s Elm Park United Methodist Church food pantry. Among the volunteers is University of Scranton sophomore Dejanna Richardson.

“I just really like helping anybody that might need food,” stated Richardson.

Some recipients of the free food come here and pick it up, but dozens of others don’t have that option.

“No matter where they are, they’re still going to need food,” said Richardson.

It’s why earlier this year, Bread Basket of NEPA recruited DoorDash to deliver the healthy, nutritious food to those in need.

“They have a lack of transportation. So, obviously, there’s a great need there and that’s a vulnerable population,” explained Rosemary Bohenek, Board President of Bread Basket of NEPA.

DoorDash driver Cristhion Alcantara knew he was making deliveries, but he had no idea it was all going to people with food insecurity.

“Now I know that. It’s very nice. Now, I make something special for other people,” stated Alcantara.

People like Sally Ramseur, who recently moved to Scranton and into a senior living apartment. She doesn’t take receiving this food lightly.

“It’s really a Godsend. This little package, it helps a lot because as a matter of fact I’m getting ready to do a soup now,” said Ramseur, a recipient of the food.

Bohenek says Elm Park is the only one under the Bread Basket of NEPA umbrella doing the DoorDash deliveries.

“We would love to expand to our other pantries to, you know, increase our reach but right now we are looking at funding enabling us to pay DoorDash,” explained Bohenek.

Until that problem is solved, the goal will be to help solve food insecurity by the bag.

Bread Basket of NEPA is looking for sponsors who could help pick up the food delivery tab.

For more information, visit Bread Basket of NEPA’s website or Facebook page.