Sunbury, Northumberland County – Sunbury police chief stepped down Sunday after months of investigation by city council members.

All started with an investigation by the Sunbury City Council into two police officers six months ago. That grew into a look at the overall police department and how it was run by Chief Brad Hare. The investigation deals with personnel issues, that can not be disclosed to the public at this time. Mr. Hare sent a letter to the Sunbury Mayor with his resignation as police chief.

In the letter Sunday Hare states:

“After speaking with my family and several close friends, it is best right now that i step down due to the ongoing accusations that I made mistakes during those investigations. Everything i present to you that I have done has been justified but the council has continued to doubt my actions.”

Hare continued to say “the council’s continued interference with the day to day operations of the Sunbury Police Department has made it very difficult to do my job and has also taken a huge effects on the officers morale.”

Llian Reader has lived in Sunbury off and on for the past 70 years.

“I was surprised I did not see it coming. With this going on back and forth with city council I can see his point and on the other hand I can see council’s point.”

A city council meeting will be held Monday night and Mayor David Persing hopes the investigation is over so the city and its people can move on.

“Hopefully this is over with and we can put the things behind us and get moving to get in a positive aspects of the city police department.”