Bloomsburg, Columbia County (WBRE/WYOU) For many of the veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, school is the next step after separating from the military but working with these vets can prove challenging for many of our local colleges and universities.
Eyewitness News Reporter Morgan Parrish saw first hand today how one of those schools is taking extra steps to make those who were or still are in the military feel at home. 

“You don’t really know what you haven’t experienced,” said academic advisor, Bob Heckrote
“I realized that this is a population that I really don’t know much about so I thought it would be very valuable to learn more about it,” said psychological counselor, Sue Ei. 
This is where ‘green zone’ training comes into play.
The discussion was aimed towards campus professionals, students, faculty and staff to help avoid misunderstandings or conflicts when approaching a military student.
Kelly Hughes, who served in the army in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has experienced it first hand.
“They would come up to me as if I were a professor and would ask me where their classrooms were and that went on for weeks,” said veteran, Kelly Hughes. 
Bob Heckrote now works in the military office at Bloomsburg University after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
He says he knows what it’s like to just want to be treated like a normal student after fighting for our country.
He especially works with faculty and staff.
“Teach them some of the military language instead of saying student veterans we say military students just little things like that over the years,” said Heckrote.
“I was one of those students who was very skeptical in not only going back to college but would i be accepted?,” said Hughes. 
Other campus professionals say having a conversation like this has been eye opener.
“Just the idea that those kind of accommodations can be made, can help me steer students in the right direction,” said Ei. 
And it’s working…
“Something like today where you have faculty and staff that take time out of their day to learn about the military means the world to me,” said Hughes. 

Bloomsburg University has received the ‘silver status’ which shows that they are rising above just the average universities that get approved to become military friendly.