BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Bloomsburg Fair is about to begin.

Eyewitness News spent Friday morning getting a sneak peek at the first day of the largest fair in Pennsylvania.

The Bloomsburg Fair is back, with pig racing, and, of course, fair food.

“The entertainment changes every year, so you’re going to get to see new free entertainment. There’s new food vendors on the grounds. Every year somebody new comes in and tries to do things whether it be macaroni or pork or meats or cheeses. There’s just so many things to do around here for the day,” said Randy Karschner, president of the Bloomsburg Fair.

There are plenty of new things at the fairgrounds for everyone to enjoy, whether it be the food, or for the fold, even a tattoo.

“Some people think it’s a great thing, others are on the fence about it. If someone wants to get a Bloomsburg Fair tattoo with the year, that would be great. That way each year, we could update the year,” added Karschner.

“We have Marian. She is going to be a part of our lamb cam. She’s giving birth this week at the fair,” described Samantha Milheim of Milheim Menagerie Farm.

Another new edition? A camera streaming 24/7, ready to share the gift of life.

“Educational purposes. I really look forward to the farm show. The kids get excited when they get the notifications on their phones that a cow is being born. It’s always exciting when new life comes in and it’s not an experience everybody gets,” explained Milheim.

And the animal fun doesn’t stop there. There are goats who can do plenty of tricks and have fun while doing them.

“We watch and see who plays on what and who likes to do what. They’re reinforced with a cookie. They end up doing something they enjoy doing rather than being forced to do something they really don’t want to do,” said Unity Timberlake of All Star Barnyard Review & Pig Races.

Plenty of fun for the whole family.

General admission tickets are 8 dollars, but there are plenty of discount days for seniors, students, and those who serve in the military. Friday is considered a “preview day” so you can get in for just three bucks. To get your tickets, visit the Bloomsburg Fair website.