WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Williamsport is known around the globe for the little league world series but there are many businesses based in Lycoming County that are known worldwide.

When people think of Williamsport it’s usually about the little league world series, but there’s a lot more to the area than baseball.

Wire Rope Works, Inc. Has been a staple in the community for over 100 years, they manufacture ropes used for products big and small.

“We make a lot of elevator ropes for all the major high rises in the united states. We make ropes to stop jets on aircraft carriers. We do a lot of structural projects such as the Brooklyn Bridge. We make general-purpose ropes for slings and cranes,” stated Mark Reeves, sales manager at Wire Rope.

They also produce materials for the mining and oil industries. Their ropes can be up to 5 inches thick and they say they are built to last. One of their most famous ropes was used in a stunt at the grand canyon.

“The wire rope that we supplied to Nik Wallenda when he walked across the grand canyon and it’s featured here on our pictures. And we made him several ropes that he walked across Niagra Falls on,” said Reeves.

Also in the city is shop vac the company that invented the wet/dry vacuum that’s used in commercial spaces throughout the U.S. And Canada. They make a variety of household vacuum equipment.

“It really is the kleenex of wet/dry vacs. I mean we do everything from clean up a mess in the garage or the shop to being able to suck up water if your basement floods so we have products that do it all,” explained Rick Nesterak, VP of sales and marketing at Shop Vac USA.

Williamsport is also home to the only American-owned aviation aircraft engine company in the world—Lycoming engines.

“Most of the piston engines go on the smaller aircraft, they’re for flight school and for flight training. We are also used in military-trained aircraft as well but there are some smaller corporate aircraft that use our engines as well over the world,” Jeff Schans, manager of customer development at Lycoming Engines

All of these companies manufacture their products locally. Like many industries, they’re also in need of extra hands and take pride in hiring locally.