BERWICK BOROUGH, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Berwick student is being accused of bringing a BB gun and a knife onto school grounds.

According to a police affidavit, security officer Jason Lanning, of the Berwick Area School District Police Department, spoke to a student from the high school on Wednesday, February 15.

As the affidavit reads, a student reported to security officer Lanning that another student identified as 18-year-old, Jose Arturo Jimenez-Sanches, was keeping a knife concealed within his cross-body book bag.

Police say officer Lanning reported the information to law enforcement and the administration at Berwick Area High School. However, because they received the information just before the school’s dismissal, a search of Jimenez-Sanches was not possible.

According to law enforcement, on Thursday, February 16, just before 9:30 a.m., Jimenez-Sanches was escorted to the principal’s office by dean of students, Kate Warhurst.

Officers say due to the possible severity of the incident, they were present in principal Greg Michaels’ office when Jimenez-Sanches was escorted in.

As the affidavit reads, principal Michaels asked Jimenez-Sanches to place the bag on a table in the office and to open each compartment in the bag.

Police say when the bag was set down, they saw what appeared to be the butt end of a semi-automatic weapon. Officers say they immediately secured the weapon and took it into their possession. A closer look at the weapon revealed it was a Glock 19 (look-a-like) BB gun, police say.

Law enforcement states, within another pocket of the bag, officers found a foldable knife, which had a wooden handle and a blade that was around 3 inches in length. The blade was contained within the bag in the innermost pocket, the affidavit reads.

Officers say the weapons discovered were seized and placed into evidence and Jimenez-Sanches’ parent or guardian was called and he was dismissed from school grounds.

According to the police criminal complaint, Jose Arturo Jimenez-Sanches is being charged with one count of possession of weapons on school property.