POCONO TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – A family says a fun weekend at a Pocono resort ended in an itchy nightmare. A woman claims after staying at Great Wolf Lodge, her kids woke up covered in bed bug bites.

The photos of kids blanketed in bites got  thousands of shares on Facebook.

The poster is a mother named Lynn Rosenberg from from Brooklyn, New York. According to the post, her kids woke up with bites that her doctor later confirmed were from bed bugs.

Lynn goes on to write, Great Wolf decontaminated their belongings using a special machine. Inside the bag those belongings were placed in, Lynn claims she found dead bugs.

After getting 11,000 shares on the post, Rosenberg has removed it from the internet. Great Wolf says the issue has been ‘resolved’.

Great Wolf Lodge provided Eyewitness News with a statement reading in part: “We followed our prevention protocol…relocating the guests to a different room, treating their belongings, and bringing in a third-party inspector to evaluate the room. The inspection did not reveal any presence of bed bugs”.

“They’re attracted to human scent, the warmth, and they feed on human blood,” says Dr. Jean-Paul Romes of Pocono Urgent Care.

Dr. Jean-Paul Romes says when bed bugs aren’t feeding at night, they hide in pillow and mattress seams, carpets, even inside outlets.

“You can see them most of the time if you’re looking,” he explains.

Romes isn’t surprised to hear the resort may have bed bugs. He says they’re common at hotels, or places with travels and beds.

“People think oh its unclean or they don’t take care of the place. No, unfortunately the person who came and stayed last night could have brought them,” Romes reveals.

The next time you travel overnight, Romes suggests carefully inspecting mattresses and sheets.

At home, he suggests carefully vacuuming carpets and keeping rooms clutter-free. If you find bed bugs, wash all belonging in hot water.

People can document their experiences with bedbugs in public places by using a website called ‘The Bedbug Registry. Since 2011, several users allege to have spotted the pests or woke up with bites after staying at Great Wolf Lodge in Pocono Township.

The site has a disclaimer stating that because the reports come directly from the user, they cannot guarantee accuracy.