SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — La Festa Italiana in Downtown Scranton is coming to a close. Monday is the last day to get your pizza or pasta fix, and it’s also the hottest.

The heat is not stopping anyone from enjoying the last day of La Festa. Thousands have come through this weekend and the courthouse square is packed again.

Hundreds of people are braving the heat to check out the last day of La Festa Italiana in Downtown Scranton and vendors are still working even in the high temps.

“Today, so far, has been the hottest of the three days that I’ve been here but at least we’re undercover so there’s a breeze coming through at least so it’s not that bad yet,” said Dawn Daughfield of Roseanna’s Pizza in Dickson City.

Roseanna’s has been participating in La Festa for years, serving up a wide variety of eats.

Some festa-goers are beating the heat with frozen treats and drinks.

“It’s a little hot but we’re getting some Italian ice into him, cool him down a little bit,” said Caleb with Benni Sheldon of Wyalusing.

Along with the fresh lemonade and gelato, there are also first aid officers on duty with water to help people stay cool.

The paramedics at the first aid tent on site have been keeping people safe from the heat all weekend.

“If something does happen, we respond with our golf cart over to them and from there evaluate them see if it’s something that needs to be transported if we do then we call for a transport unit to come in and take them,” said EMT with Pennsylvania Ambulance Matt Crimi.

La Festa will be happening until 8:00 p.m. Monday evening.