LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) A bear alert has been issued in a Luzerne County Community.  After an increase in bear sightings and encounters. The most recent incident took place Monday when a pet cat was killed by a bear. The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick is looking into the situation 

  “I opened the door and I saw this big heard ..I’m like what the hell..” Rita Kuklewicz explained what she saw in her Wilkes-Barre Township backyard this morning.

It was a black bear. Rita and her husband Bill estimate it was about 500 pounds. 

  “The bear picked up the bird feed and dumped it all over the porch..” said Rita

  “I looked I went into shock. He came out of the tree. He was big and black.” said Bill.

 It’s the latest incident involving black bears in this part of Wilkes-Barre Township.  Our video of a bear rummaging through garbage was taken last month on East Northampton Street. Wilkes-Barre Township police posted it on its Facebook page to alert residents.

  “They are wild animals.” Said Officer William Williams, of the PA Game Commission.

 Pennsylvania Game Commission Officers say black bears have one mission.

   “When we talk about reducing bear contacts we want to talk about reducing food sources bears are driven to food sources. That’s a scenario where unfortunately the bear was driven to a food source they spend much of their waking hours looking for something to eat.”

State Game Officials Urge people to remove food sources.