WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Currently, one in 10 U.S. adults has diabetes, if that trend continues one in five will have it by 2025.

Lifting weights and getting your body moving activity that’s critical for a healthy lifestyle.

76-year-old Michael Steinberg rows here at the Greater Wyoming Valley Area YMCA every day for nearly two hours something he says everyone should take time to do.

“If you don’t take time to be healthy now, you’re going to have to take an awful amount of time as you get older to be sick and sitting down in doctor’s offices. So the choice is yours really,” said Steinberg.

Steinberg is one of the recent graduates of the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program a one-year-long free program that gives people who are pre-diabetic the tools to stop the progression of diabetes.

The chapter’s healthier communities coordinator says they see a huge need as Luzerne County ranks high in poor health status in the state.

“With 1 in 3 adults are, you know, pre-diabetic, you could imagine that’s a good 20,000 or more adults who definitely need to change their lifestyle and it’s not just, you know, people who are older,” said Michele Schasberger, who is the health communities coordinator at the Greater Wyoming Valley YMCA.

Since the course kicked off in 2018 about 85 people have succeeded in learning ways of a healthier lifestyle.

Program specialist Christine Fazzi says many people who are pre-diabetic don’t even know it and early detection is key.

“When you become diabetic, your lifestyle will completely change and if you can stop that, then that’s very important. You can go on with your life being healthier. Becoming diabetic, could become a deadly sentence,” said Fazzi.

Diabetes is currently the seventh leading cause of death in the country and these types of programs that serve people older than 18 could be a lifesaving measure.

“I think a lot of times when we think about you know chronic diseases, diabetes, and pre-diabetes, we’re thinking like, ‘oh my gosh, when I’m older maybe I have to worry about that,’ but I think the reality is that it can happen a lot sooner than we think,” said the Greater Wyoming Valley YMCA Chronic Disaes Coordinator, Kasey Wasylyk.

If you’d like more information on how you can join visit the YMCA’s website, where you can also join the waitlist for the next program.