Ballot Question Petition Deadline Nears


LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV)   Is the current form of government in Luzerne County working?A study commission could find answers.  If a ballot question can be place on the May primary ballot.    As Eyewitness News first told you earlier this month, a petition drive is underway to place the issue on the ballot.

  Eyewitness News Lead I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick   with the details.

“So we only have two weeks to go and it’s going to be pretty. Well I don’t think we are probably going to make our deadline..”

So says former Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith.  He and a group of residents are questioning the efficiency of the county’s home-rule charter style of government which has been in place since 2012..

“”Our purpose is to study the government that is currently in place then make recommendations or not whether this government can be improved or not be improved.” Said Griffith

But that cannot happen unless he and his group can collect 3,774 signatures on a petition by February 13th..Right now they have only 750 signatures. He says old man winter is partly to blame.. 

“We had a lot of bad weather a lot of cold and bitter cold weather. We had a lot of snow we had some concerns with the people to go out and knock on doors and places to gather people to get signatures.”

Tim McGinley is the chairman of the 11 member Luzerne County council. He thinks the current form of government must be given a chance to move forward and stands by its record.

“Our mission has been to make sure council moves in a positive direction and that we are financially responsible and providing services that residents definitely need.” Said McGinley.

Taxpayers like Phillip Daniels aren’t so sure that people are aware of what their government is doing or how it’s performing.

“A lot of [people don’t pay attention they hang out on Facebook and social media. They don’t even look at their tax rate or don’t understand how it works with mills.” Said Daniel

Walter Griffith says if they can’t get enough signatures for the May primary. They will focus on the November general election ballot

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