BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A reindeer in Columbia County became a first-time mom, just in time for Mother’s Day.

The reindeer spent its first mother’s day with its new little one.

Eyewitness news spent the day at Spruce Run Reindeer Farm in Bloomsburg, where not one, but two baby reindeer were taking some of their first steps.

This brand new mom at Spruce Run Reindeer Farm in Bloomsburg spent Mother’s Day bonding with her newborn baby girl.

“Last night we were surprised with another baby just in time for our new mom to celebrate Mothers’ Day. We have Kneezie and our unnamed baby. We’re still choosing a name for another little baby girl,” said Cassandra Hoover, Owner, Spruce Run Reindeer Farm.

The baby reindeer, which is called a calf, is less than 24 hours old. Spruce Run Reindeer Farm now has 12 reindeer. Earlier this week, ‘Twinkle’ also gave birth to a baby girl named ‘Little Star.’

Like most mammals, their bodies go through some big changes when they have a baby.

“Mom typically hangs on to her antlers while she’s pregnant to help forage for food and protect herself while she’s bred to ensure the babies and the reindeer. About the time babies are born, hormones change. They drop their antlers and they’ll start growing new antlers,” Hoover explained.

Spruce Run Farm Owner, Cassandra Hoover says baby reindeer are up and walking typically within 15 minutes of being born. The newest calf is still a little wobbly. She and Little Star will start to grow their own antlers in a few months, plenty of time to get ready for Christmas.

I think they’re magic all year round. Any time of the year, little kids come up and meet a reindeer. Little kids and big kids, that smile on their face. It’s worth a million bucks,” Hoover said.

For more information on Spruce Run Reindeer Farm visit their website here.