STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As another cold blast heads our way, local auto body shops are seeing an increase in vehicle damages because of the winter weather.

Local body shops are seeing an uptick in vehicle damages due to recent winter weather.

We’re here at Tim’s Auto Body Shop in Stroudsburg. Management tells us they’re booked through February and supply chain issues keep delaying repairs.

“Our emergency road service department is seeing more calls come in as people are having some trouble on the road just with winter weather and the driving conditions right now,” stated Tracy Lynch, regional office manager, of AAA.

Those calling triple-A for help usually find themselves needing repairs at a local shop like Tim’s Auto Body in Stroudsburg.

“Just the overload is incredible,” said Andrew Richards, manager, of Tim’s Auto Body.

Richards tells us they’re seeing more vehicle damage due to the weather, but they’ve already been back-up due to supply chain shortages.

“Just yesterday, there was a bumper cover, 15 hundred on backorder, and none in the country for a Toyota and so this is what we’re seeing,” explained Richards.

Richards says they have over 40 vehicles at the shop that aren’t drivable waiting for parts to come in for repairs.

“Sometimes we’re putting cars back together and doing temporary repairs so the customer can drive it and bring it back in at a later time,” stated Richards.

Richards explains the supply chain is impacting all manufacturers and that the bigger the damage the harder it is to fix.

“Finding technicians is a hard time too. I can use two more technicians this afternoon,” said Richards.

Richards says this police vehicle here has been sitting in the lot for more than a month. The one part it’s waiting on a headlight. He tells us it keeps getting delayed and they can’t do anything until it gets here.